Monday, December 19, 2011

I Am Blogged Down

NOTE: This post was originally written 12/17/11.

It seems that I haven't posted an entry since November 6. Well you should know I really haven't NOT posted, just haven't finished one TO post. I have 5 in the works, but attaching pictures and having to think (this time of year) is rawthaw a chore.

As usual, work is BUSY and with Christmas in one week and with a new grandson coming the first of February, I am feeling bogged down (mentally). Therefore with all those blog posts in the waiting, I am blogged down.


Patent Pending: I am officially patenting that phrase, unless it already has been. Let me check Google.



There are already plenty of people using Blogged Down. I did find a definition: Spending too much time blogging to keep a person from interacting with the real world. This is not what I'm experiencing. Au contraire! My reality (or my reality as I see it - who knows how real it is?) is keeping me from blogging.

I thought I found a site with fun definitions and wanted to tell you to check it out. Well, after looking it over I guess I won't. A lot of it seems to be a bit earthy for my taste. And most of you know my taste, but, EEEKKK!!!! I wanted to post the Word of the Day. However, HAHAHAHAHA, it was NOT appropriate. Only funny because it was so awful. Oh My!!! Nevermind!

This is another reason why I can't finish posting a blog. I get myself in messes.

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