Friday, May 25, 2012

I am so behind with sewing projects

  Original post made 4/22/10. 

     I feel like I got overdone getting things made for Christmas. I usually burn out from frenzied holiday sewing and it takes me a while to get back in the swing. The weird thing is I didn't even make any gifts this past Christmas.  I just haven't been in the mood to keep up with my quilt projects or round robin blocks for the guild. And it didn't help my umpf that I totaled my car January 12 on an icy road on the way to work. Grrr!!

     In late January/early February my daughter and I made some accessories for my new grandson's nursery. It was really fun working with my daughter: measuring 4 times, cutting once, then realizing the fabric is a one-way design, and looking at each other "Huh?" It all worked out, even turned out better than we thought. We call it Baby Coutoure. Yeah, that!  Her friend made valances for the two windows. We found the same fabric and made a cover for the pad of the changing table, a Boppie cover, and a skirt for the crib (that was the doosey, but ended up turning out better than first planned). We also made a pillowcase for a pillow insert to use in the rocking chair. It was in the same colors, but a different print. And the most amazing thing was that we finished it all BEFORE the baby came on February 9.

     Unfortunately this picture only shows the valance her friend made, nothing that we made. haha

Hi Dorothy Mantooth.

So since then, this is what life has been up to:
Gabriel Huck

 February 2012 -  just hours old

 March 2012

April 2012

     I am liking this new grandma stuff.

Revisiting American Graffiti

     While in Springfield this week I saw several hot rods. There must be a car show this weekend. When I saw this one I had to laugh. I wanted so badly to yell out the window, "YOUR CAR IS UGLIER THAN I AM!!" I doubt the people in the car would think that was as funny as I did. (It really was a beautiful car.)  That got me thinking about the 1973 movie American Graffiti.

     Mackenzie Phillps character was my favorite. Carol Morrison's older sister and friends dump her on a guy that was trying to pick them up. "Anyone want to go for a ride?"   "Judy's sister wants to ride with you. Would that be all right?"  He thinks that's great, not knowing Carol is only about 13. So Carol jumps in the car with him and the other girls drive off laughing.

     Poor John Milner ends up having to babysit her the rest of the night. So much for meeting some girls. My favorite part of the movie is when they come up on Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford), a rival and Carol yells out the window, "YOUR CAR IS UGLIER THAN I AM!! . . . That didn't come out right." I can identify with trying to say something funny, cool, smart alecky, and it comes out backwards: "Anyone have a match?"   "Yeah, your butt and my face."  Every-single-time! Anyway...

Carol Morrison has spunk!

You can read the entire American Graffiti script here. Still funny after nearly 40 years. I'm going to have to dig that VHS out and watch it this weekend.

Not Bad For Being 62 Years Old!

Well the ol' girl still has it!

      Yesterday I needed to mend my husband's overalls but my "good" sewing machine has trouble keeping the needle in. So I thought I would try my 1950 Singer Featherweight.

     I wasn't sure how she would go through all that denim, which was already patched, plus there were those extra thick seams to go through. Even with a size 16 needle I was skeptical. There were times when she sounded like that little train. Chug, chug, chug. But you know, SHE DID IT!

      And just like in this 1906 early version of The Little Engine That Could, by golly, she could!

     And, by the way, my husband doesn't wear purple overalls. Cell phones really aren't good for blogging photos.