Friday, May 25, 2012

Revisiting American Graffiti

     While in Springfield this week I saw several hot rods. There must be a car show this weekend. When I saw this one I had to laugh. I wanted so badly to yell out the window, "YOUR CAR IS UGLIER THAN I AM!!" I doubt the people in the car would think that was as funny as I did. (It really was a beautiful car.)  That got me thinking about the 1973 movie American Graffiti.

     Mackenzie Phillps character was my favorite. Carol Morrison's older sister and friends dump her on a guy that was trying to pick them up. "Anyone want to go for a ride?"   "Judy's sister wants to ride with you. Would that be all right?"  He thinks that's great, not knowing Carol is only about 13. So Carol jumps in the car with him and the other girls drive off laughing.

     Poor John Milner ends up having to babysit her the rest of the night. So much for meeting some girls. My favorite part of the movie is when they come up on Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford), a rival and Carol yells out the window, "YOUR CAR IS UGLIER THAN I AM!! . . . That didn't come out right." I can identify with trying to say something funny, cool, smart alecky, and it comes out backwards: "Anyone have a match?"   "Yeah, your butt and my face."  Every-single-time! Anyway...

Carol Morrison has spunk!

You can read the entire American Graffiti script here. Still funny after nearly 40 years. I'm going to have to dig that VHS out and watch it this weekend.


  1. when you say it wrong enough times it starts to sound right. Got a match?

  2. Still can't do it right. "Anyone have a match? Anyone? Anyone at all. I'm not picky. I'll take a match from anyone or everyone." HAHA