Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Ask "Where've You Been?" I've Been Under God's Care.

I haven't posted in a long time. Where have I been? It's been the longest, toughest 4 months of my life. Thank God, it's been the shortest 4 months of my husband's life. He doesn't remember much. Our lives took a twist on July 26 when my husband had an ATV accident. I was going to say our lives were changed, but thought that sounded too dramatic. However, it HAS been the most dramatic 4 months of our lives. I kept thinking my head would shrink with all the crying, but it didn't. Where doesn't all that liquid (and snot, haha) come from?

I hope to write our story one day. It's too long to write in this blog. Maybe I should have written it as a blog when it all happened. Didn't think anyone would really care or want to take the time to read it all.

The whole thing can be summed up as, There Are No Coincidences. God was with us each step of the way. I won't kid you, some days were very dark. But the way that the beginning days fell together were no coincidences.  Each bad turn had a purpose and brought lessons of faith that I still don't understand. Even the funny things that happened weren't coincidences. I think those were God's way to lighten the load. Thanks, Bob, for the laughs.

I will be forever grateful to my daughters and my son-in-law. Emily had to see to her dad on this awful day. And, you see, it was also her birthday. She had some really scary things to deal with. Maggie, she was my rock. We were out of state when my husband had his accident. She kept it together while I fell apart. Jim REALLY stepped up to the plate, taking over the running of the farm so the girls and I could spend our time at the hospital. The drought we had this summer had many farmers selling their cattle. The grass in the fields died.  Farmers were running out of hay. Wells and ponds were running dry. Thanks to Jim we didn't have to sell any cattle. He managed the fields so there was fresh grass for the cows to eat and we didn't have to feed our winter hay reserve. He was very protective of me. I can't thank him enough. And then there's my grandson, Huck. He absolutely saved me. The first 2 weeks were the hardest and to have a 6 month old baby to rock and sing to sleep helped to calm my soul.

My family, friends and co-workers provided meals and emergency funds to help pay for gas so I could go to the hospital everyday, which got quite expensive. They visited with me at the hospital and MANY times took me out for lunch or dinner. My friend Kathy was at the hospital so many times I can't count. My sisters came from out of state to be with me and one even went with Maggie to help her with her move to Boston.

I've met A LOT of medical personal. I mean A LOT. David was in 3 facilities, one of them twice. There were only a few times I had to be a big girl and state that things weren't right, but for the most part the medical staff were VERY supportive and thoughtful of me.

My husband has been home since the end of October, which is another miracle from God's hands. We aren't finished with this yet. There will be more twists, turns, bumps and dips, BUT God has brought us through a GIANT mess and there's no reason He will not continue to do so. There's faith again.

So now, hopefully, I can get back to writing what I know best: This and That.


  1. There IS no reason He wont continue pulling us through!

  2. I just noticed both of our blog descriptions are about fancy tickling

  3. You both tickle my fancy. And my rock-headedness is genetic. :)

  4. Emily, I may have subconsciously taken that. I don't know, but since you were blogging first, and IF I can figure out how to change it, I'll come up with something else. HAHA. Woops!