Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Can Only Go Up From Here

I thought I would make my first REAL post with a recent picture of my work. Then any new pictures I add will only be improvements.

My daughter, we will call her Josephine Hedgepeth (the name has been changed to protect her embarrassment), saw a pillow at WalMart that she liked but decided she really didn't NEED it. Later thinking "But I REALLLY like it" went back to buy it but it was gone. Making a long story longer, I told her I could make it for her. After all I've been sewing since I was a small child and felt pretty confident that I can make almost anything. This would be a great Christmas present. I bought the fabric, buttons to cover, the necessary things to make the piping. I had no pattern 'cause, by gum, I know how to do this. As you can see from the pictures, I didn't know how to do this.
This looks pretty good so far.

The flat side looks pretty good.

I have no idea what happened. Chef's hat? Mushroom?
Josephine was gracious and accepted my gift. I told her I would remake it, but she said she liked it. I think only because it was the right color and she likes wacky things.

I hope to show you something better next time.


  1. It's everything I require in a pillow -- soft, squishy, and comfy. The blue and wacky parts are just bonuses.

  2. Well, thank you "Josephine". Uht Hemmmm.