Friday, July 15, 2011

I Can Step In It In Any Language

     We needed to get out of the house today so we decided to run some errands and see if we could find some peaches to "can". Gee I hope we aren't really going to do some canning. What an ordeal.

      We have recently discovered some buckwheat noodles that are so good and low gluten (?).  We stopped by an Asian market to buy some more. We went inside and perused every isle and shelf. It was a very interesting place. All kinds of strange and wonderful things: dried, frozen and canned fish, fruit, beans, seeds, noodles, etc.; bottles of soy this and soy that; cooking pots, tea pots, incense pots; toys; music CDs; many different kinds and designs of chop sticks.

      As we were standing at the register to pay, I noticed the interesting things on the shelves behind the counter. One thing that caught my eye was a clear bag of sliced deer horns. Now, being a sewer, I started getting ideas. I once saw a deer horn button that was beautiful, but cost $10, just for one! I thought, "I wonder if I could buy those and make some buttons, drill a couple of tiny holes in the center. Hmmmm."

      One of the owners was standing in the isle near me and I stepped over to her and asked her what those are used for. Apparently she didn't speak English. She said something to the man behind the counter. "Medicine", he said. My husband said, "Aphrodisiacs". I wonder if the lady just didn't want to have to say it. Medicine. Haha When we got back in the truck I started getting embarrassed. Thank goodness for language barriers. None of us had to really talk about it.

      I had to laugh. What if I had bought them and made buttons with them? Can you imagine their faces the next time I went in there wearing a coat or sweater with "those" buttons on it? I can hear them laughing now.

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