Friday, July 15, 2011

No sewing today?

     It's 10:55 p.m. I just realized that I didn't spend ANY time sewing today. I didn't even poke my head in the sewing room. Hmmm. Let me feel my forehead . . . Seems okay.

     Turns out we didn't can those peaches. Thank you, Lord. We put them in quart size freezer bags. It took a lot less time and a lot less boiling water, which seems like it would be less hazardous. However my husband sliced a gnarly cut on his finger. :(  He was finished peeling.

     I ordered some Shiva Paintstiks today. I can't wait for them to get here. 12 regular colors and 12 iridescent colors. I'll let you know how I get along with them.

     Upon reflection, haha, it was nice to take a break from the sewing.

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