Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Is Wrong With Me?

     This was going to be Finish Those Quilts Hanging on the Back of the Bedroom Door summer. Instead I've started two more and will be taking a class next month on a third.

     The first quilt I started during the Finish Those Quilts Hanging on the Back ... summer was in June. The design is called Bullseye.  I have been saving fabrics with circles and dots, not so much polka dots, for a few years. I once saw a quilt that had varigated thread bubbles and thought "I must!"  I have a few blocks put together. I haven't decided what size it's going to be, but, Yep! It's going to be as good as it is in my head.

     The second quilt I started during the summer of Finish Those Quilts Hanging... began last week. See July 7th post and story of human drama. Get used to it. I always have a story.
     I cut MANY 2 1/2" squares and 2 1/2" half-square triangles for this project in darks and lights. I didn't know what design I would choose until I got to the class. I finally decided on Scrapaholic. It's basically a 9 patch. Only two of the pieces are half-square triangles. It's not like I won't use the MANY left over half-square triangle pieces, but I spent quite a long time cutting and sewing them in preparation (while on vacation at my dad's house) to not use them in this.

     SIDE NOTE: Tuesday I went out to the car to get all my fabric, having just showed them to my sister a couple of days before. I had spent the afternoon collecting everything I needed for the class on Wednesday. When I got in the house I noticed the ziploc bag with the squares wasn't there. Hmmm. "Oh, I must have left them in the car. I'll get them the next time I go outside." WRONG!!! When I went out "the next time" our two puppies, 10 weeks old, had already found them. Only a few were still in the bag. Some were under the car, some in the mud-hole flowerbeds, some in the yard. I layed on the ground to rescue some pieces from under the car, but the puppies thought I wanted to play and proceeded to climb on my head and bite my hair. The puppies are no longer cute. I put the pieces in a mesh laundry bag. Most came out clean, but I had to iron about 100 little 2 1/2" pieces. See, I told you I always have a story. I can always make a long story longer.

     ANYWAY, the block for this quilt looks like this:

     Depending on how you arrange the blocks, you get light and dark stripes in a diamond pattern. The picture below shows six blocks sewn together.  Actually my light fabrics needed to be lighter. I needed a stronger contrast between my lights and darks. Hopefully with many more blocks sewn together the pattern will be easier to see. My darks were all browns except the ONE dark tourquoise. I decided to use it for the center of the nine patch, which then looks like an accent color, like I meant to. Yeah, that!

    So, why am I going to start a third one next month during this Finish Those ... summer ? It's a mystery to me. No, really. It's a mystery quilt. A bunch of fabric, lights-mediums-darks in this-and-that amounts, but I have no idea what it's going to be. I have directions for cutting in preparation for the class, but that's it.

     I have four quilts on hangers on the back of the door in different stages of "ready" and about 6-8 plastic shoe boxes with a different project/idea in each. AND I saw a cute idea for a baby/kid quilt yesterday on Sewing With Nancy. OOOOoooooo. I'm already there! It's really cute in my head!

     What is wrong with me? I asked my sister, Kathi. She said, "Nothing that an adult beverage won't help."



  1. My Drunk Quilt... Just about as safe as My Drunk Kitchen.