Saturday, July 7, 2012

Honk! Honk! Rush Hour In The Country

     I was coming home from the store this week. It was late afternoon/early evening. Normal rush hour time, but I was the only one on the road until . . .

     . . . 23 Canadian geese came crossing the road from the field on the left to the pond on the right of those trees.

 I tried to rush them but they were about to take flight. Beautiful wing spread!

     Four to six pairs of the geese come to the neighbor's pond every year to breed and raise their chicks. It's not unusual to see 40 - 50 geese living around the pond during the summer. It's always sad when they leave for the winter, but ALWAYS exciting to see them return in the spring. I wish we had a pond near our house so we could coax some to come live with us.

     As much as I have missed living in the city for the past 23 years, these are the things I would have missed if I hadn't moved to the country.

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