Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Somehow So Wrong To Be This Happy

     Is it wrong to be so happy that ants are dying? Somehow I'm so happy right now. Ants have decided that our living room and downstairs bathroom are the hip places to be. Party on?
I think not.

     I know, it's HOT and DRY outside. Everyone is looking for a cool place to be.


     I truly feel bad there is suffering all around. But I say, if you're not helping to pay the rent, GET OUT OR DIE!

     I'm not a cruel person. I just think a person shouldn't have ants running up their leg when they're sitting on the potty. Or tickling their arms when they're relaxing in the recliner. It's very distracting from watching Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit. You'll want to make them the victims. Okay, I've had enough!

     While out on errands today, I bought a little bottle of Terro.

Just a little dab will do ya'.

In the bathroom.

     The bait was gone approximately an hour after putting it on the floor, so I put out some more. Oops, it spilled on the floor! They don't mind.

Look at them belly up to the bar.

Look, they're circling the wagons.

     They ate this so fast I put out another one. That black spot is not a wooly caterpillar. They attacked this in 5 minutes. Poor starving babies! So glad I could feed the masses.
In the living room

     It's crazy; a feeding frenzy. I had to put out a third little square of bait. A much larger puddle of bait. I mean corn syrup, yeah, corn syrup.

     Well, it's been two hours since their last feeding. You know how babies are; gotta be fed every two hours.

     Ah, ah, ah, ah. Stayin' alive, stayin' alive.



  1. Hi Patte, thanks for dropping by Sisters Craft Cafe

    This post about ants is amazing, hehehe, but I doubt it will be very effective here in the Philippines. I mean, there are ants everywhere! In our house, I can see at least 3 different kinds of them. I use a different ant (and cockrach) killer in chalk form- just "write" on the ant's path and they'll be dead. But there are more other ants... hehehe....

  2. We've got them too. We had them at the duplex as well. Nothing gets rid of them so I've sort of stopped trying and just make sure there is no food anywhere! LOL.

  3. Conner thinks it is hysterical to blow them across the living room floor. Colton gets mad because he is messing up their "trail". Good times!